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Alpe Colle

Mountains and woods, a life flowing between work and tradition, the time choked by the hiss of the loads down the cableways. An ingenious transport system that made it quicker and less heavy to bring down what the mountain offered for the sake of a big economy.

Same mountains and forests, a world that runs fast, chaotic downhill and quiet on the top and still a hiss that brings you back into the woods a new idea of ​​economy for the Highlands. The cableway has become a Zipline and the dream of flying is realized on a steel cable. A safe flight, within reach of all, that does not require any special effort, courage or skill, and that returns to joining the mountain with the valley.

Lago Maggiore Zipline is also hiking excursions, mountain bike trails and much more around all the outdoor activities!

Foto di Amedeo Liguori (MTB-VCO.com)

Alpe Colle




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