Highlands Lakes


A naturally rich and culturally alive mountain, just two steps away from Maggiore Lake, is the setting for our activities, which aim to promote and make the richness that the mountain can offer accessible.

The purpose of the project “Alps & Freedom: The Mountain of Ideas” is to talk about and let the mountain talk about itself in a choral and coordinated way, in the perspective of a territorial network that unites the many summer events taking place all around Maggiore Lake.

A mountain that is so fully contemporary, able to offer living and working spaces and to stimulate new creativity, becoming the subject of artistic expressions.


One of the project main short-term objectives is the realization of Land Art installations in the mountain area, which can enhance the surrounding environment and make the mountain more and more attractive, even with a different perspective than the traditional combination with simple hiking.

In the Verbano highlands, natural sceneries of incredible beauty, you can walk along art paths, thanks to the suggestive combination of nature and contemporary art installations.

The artworks spread on the territory aim to involve the entire area of the municipalities of the “Terre Alte Laghi” Association.